Rebel Alliance Clan

A History of our Group

Early Days in Warhawk

The origins of the Rebel Alliance involves many transfers in leadership and means of communication. After weeks of research, the history has been traced back to 2007, as Tomster911 had pursued a clan merge between Without.A.Sound and his group, titled 911. As petty drama quickly ensued, the deal fell short, but the 911 clan was still to be named the Rebel Alliance.

The clan had made its stake in Warhawk through playing on ranked servers, clan matches, or simply posting feedback and humorous topics on the official Playstation forums.

The clan occasionally played other multiplayer games, but the de-facto standard was Warhawk. However, in 2009, the clan's focus started shifting towards Killzone 2; members started participating on Guerrilla Games' masterpiece more than Incognito's. Clan leadership was passed between a couple of people before landing on warezIbanez' shoulders, and it rested there for two and a half years.

Days in Killzone 2

The clan had gotten involved in other games, such as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, towards the end of 2009. Promises were made by MAG to hold even larger clan matches, and so the group decided to start playing that. Strategies and alliances were formed between the Rebel Alliance and Deadly Blue Dots, but clan matches were not implemented in the game, so our group began the wait for another game.

December of 2010 saw a change in the organization; as a lot of the original members had become inactive to deal with life and failing consoles, warezIbanez and DarthIbis set out to reorganize the group. The clan implemented an intricate member ranking system, a steady showing of current events through an email newsletter, regularly scheduled clan events each week, and a concise message board for all members to participate in.

At the release of Killzone 3, the Rebels saw a great influx in new members; its simplified clan system removed key features that prevented the clan from finding as many clan matches as it should have.

Days in Starhawk

When Starhawk was announced, the search for the Rebel veterans began. Before we started gathering members, warezIbanez announced he would resign from leadership to begin resolving personal issues. DarthIbis was voted upon the officers to take the commanding role, and had brough the clan into an association called the Global Defense Organization.

We announced our full intent upon rejoining the Warhawk / Starhawk community in November of 2011, and gathered returning members and new players alike to make build bases while destroying the enemy through the lifespan of the game. From the game's release in May of 2012 until the launch of PS4 in November of 2013, Killzone 3 and Starhawk shared the weeknights of many Rebels.

Now that the Playstation 4 has been released to the world, Killzone Shadow Fall is our choice of multiplayer game, albeit a small exception being made for Friday nights with Ibanez hosting Warframe. Looking forward after the disbanding of the Global Defense Organization, the Rebel Alliance looks to uncover the secrets in Destiny, continue its presence in Killzone Shadow Fall, and continue to support other Playstation games.