Rebel Alliance Clan

Welcome to the Rebel Alliance Clan

Our group was founded in Warhawk on PS3 in 2007 and has continued on through various games and onto the PS4. We have typically played together during evening times in the US and Canada; we do have others from around the world, so do not despair if you're looking for a group to play with on a weekly basis.

Our group fosters a competitive and respectful environment- one that encourages members to gather together and formulate our own plans to overcome obstacles thrown at a team in Player Versus Player or Player Versus Environment game modes. There are also times where we just wind down in a party chat and discuss what's coming up in gaming, current events, and anything else that comes to mind. Also, we have had meetups, whether it be just go to out for drinks to attending gaming conventions.

For those interested in joining, check out our schedule page, our brand-new forum to see some of the latest discussions, and check out the recruitment page and fill it out if you're convinced!

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