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Killzone 3 Multiplayer

Killzone 3 - Released February 22, 2011

Emperor Visari is dead, and Radec's division is shattered. The Helghast forces are still alive, and Helghast Admiral Orlock looks to finish the job Radec was unable to. Captain Narville has been ordered to withdraw the ISA troops, and Sergeant Tomas Sevchenko and Master Sergeant Rico Velasquez are taking point on the evacuation. With the Helghast Council looking for new leadership, political infighting between Admiral Orlock and Stahl Arms' chairman will unveil their race's sinister plot for conquest of the entire galaxy.

Experience more diverse locations on the bitter planet of Helghan, as the ISA traverse their way through the remains of Pyrrhus City, the snowy facilities of Stahl Arms, the junkyards of abandoned Helghast technology, the desert wastelands, and twisted forests with lethal vegetation.

Multiplayer returned in the fourth installment in the series. Players take the conflict through similar locales in the campaign. Multiplayer servers are split into three distinct modes: Guerrilla Warfare, a standard team deathmatch only game, where the factions for up to eight players will face off against each other with no strict spawn system; Warzone, which runs through seven rounds of objectives with up to twelve players per faction; Operations, where each faction will hold up to eight players. In this mode, the ISA attack Helghast facilities in three stages to win a match. Each map holds different objectives for the ISA to complete while the Helghast prevent the aggressor from continuing their campaign.

Drake sneaking up on guards

Uncharted 3 - Released November 1, 2011

Nathan Drake is at it again, as he begins his long-delayed quest to trace his ancestor's trail to the Rub al Khali Desert. Artifacts from Drake and journals from T.E. Lawrence lead to an even larger journey to the lost city of Iram, in the center of the Empty Quarter. With the backings of his companions, Elena, Sully, and Chloe, he will face off against Katherine Marlowe and her society to uncover the secret of Sir Francis Drake's journey.

Multiplayer has returned to Uncharted 3 with significant changes. Developer Naughty Dog has introduced significant changes to the weapon system with loadouts, new abilities, and a kickback system for use when a player reaches a required amount of medals to activate the ability for a small duration of the match. The Buddy System was also introduced as a way to emphasize teamwork throughout a match.

Co-operative modes have also returned in the successor. Co-op Adventure allows up to three people to play an alternative storyline that spans various sections from the three games. Arena returns with rounds alternating between Survival (killing an entire wave of enemy soldiers,) Gold Rush (delivering two treasures while eliminating enemies en route to the drop-off,) and Siege (defending a point on the map while eliminating enemies.) Hunter is a new mode where two teammates face off against two other players in a two-round game; one side will try to claim as many treasures as possible while the other two have bots on their team to prevent any treasures from getting captured.

Sev helping Garza through Corinth

Killzone 2 - Released February 26, 2009

The Helghast's campaign on Vekta has failed; now the ISA moves in on Visari's planet and plans to take him down on his own home turf. Will the ISA have what it takes to shatter the backbone of the Helghast? Either take part of a campaign as an elite member of the ISA forces pushing their way to Visari's palace, or compete in multiplayer as either faction to gain control of Pyrrhus City.

Alpha Team is positioned on the forefront to make it past Visari's last field commander, Colonel Radec. Once the frontlines on the shores of Pyrrhus City are obtained, air capabilities are to be secured to reach Visari's Palace and the appointed emperor himself. The Helghast are expected to not pull punches, so the ISA are planning for every contingency thrown at them.

The major variance to Killzone 2's multiplayer to any other series is the use of multiple objectives within a game, which are the following: Assassination, Bodycount, Capture and Hold, Search and Destroy, and Search and Retrieve. A class-based system was introduced in this title, with the following classes available through completion of the rank system: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Tactician, Assault, Saboteur, and Scout.

Cops and Robbers in Paradise City

Burnout Paradise - Released January 22, 2008

Tear across the always busy streets (we never close traffic off) of Paradise City with 78 vehicles to earn mainly by completing offline events: Burning Route is a race against the clock to earn the counterpart to the currently driven vehicle; in Marked Man, players must evade the dark muscle cars that are in pursuit and reach the target on the map without wrecking out; Race events pit players against up to seven AI drivers from one point of the city to the other; Road Rage allows players to slam as many opponents off the road or into oncoming traffic in the time limit given; finally, Stunt Runs require players to chain together multiple stunts within the given timeline. Certain vehicles will 'enter' the city, requiring players to wreck these cars in order to earn the vehicles.

Up to eight players can meet up pretty quickly through the D-Pad assigned Easy Drive menu. Players can compete by racing through set routes in Ranked Races, custom routes in Unranked Races, performing as many stunts through Stunt Runs, surviving two minutes as the Marked Man (or taking down as many Marked as possible,) or play a team-based Road Rage, where at least one member of Blue team must make it through a checkpoint and finish point without being taken down by the Red team. Cooperative play is also encouraged through 350 Freeburn Challenges, with 100 Timed Challenges for those looking for higher difficulty.

Road Rules also exist to allow for competitive play between friends whether they're online together or not; Time Road Rules are set (and broken) by those who drive from one end of a road to another; Showtime Road Rules are set by hitting L1 and R1 together to begin dealing as much monetary damage as possible to moving traffic, parked cars, and billboards. There are sixty four records each to make and break in the standalone game.

Post release, people saw over a year and a half of free and paid DLC, something that is uncommon on console games to this day. The Bikes Pack was released free of charge to allow players to fly around the city on motorcycles with new sets of events called Burning Ride and Midnight Ride, each with unique routes to get from start to finish, and seventy new Freeburn Challenges also tailored to them. The Party Pack was introduced to allow up to eight people to play offline by completing challenges to the best of their abilities, then pass the controller to the next person selected. Cops and Robbers was an additional online game mode that saw to assign players as either Cops or Robbers to pick up Gold in designated points in the City and bank the gold before getting taken down by their opponents. The last (but largest) paid update was Big Surf Island - a section of the city that includes more Freeburn Challenges, more events, more 'Roads to Rule,' and more vehicles to earn.

Jetpacks from the final DLC pack

Warhawk - Released August 28, 2007

Take part of a wide-scale all-out war between two factions with little detail to their backstory, even after nearly seven years of the game's existence! As the game was initially introduced with only flight combat in mind, it was later announced that the game would scrap the singleplayer campaign in favor of its more dynamic multiplayer, where infantry and ground vehicle combat can also take place. Arsenals include knives, wrenches, mines, Bio-Field devices, pistols, rifles, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and even binoculars to call in Air Strikes. Players are given 4x4 Jeeps and Tanks to patrol the ground with, not to mention that the Warhawk or Nemesis planes or stationary turrets are used in the aerial combat gameplay; in addition are APCs that allow players to spawn from, Dropships that can devastate most ground targets and planes, and jetpacks that allow infantrymen to gain a vertical advantage over their competition.

The game serves up to 32 players for the following game modes: Deathmatch; Team Deathmatch, which certainly benefits teams that aim to acquire and hold onto territory for additional weaponry and vehicles; Capture the Flag, which certainly requires territory control in order for a team to protect a flag carrier lifting said flag from the enemy base; Zones, which mainly focuses on territory conquest and control; Heroes, in which a player from each team is randomly selected to play the target, granting the player with additional health and weapons for the duration- teams win by eliminating enemy targets while protecting their own Heroes; Collection, where teams seek four collection cores scattered across the map- players that retrieve multiple cores and captures them at their base earn bonus points.