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Starhawk 101 - Welcome!

From Warhawk to Starhawk

Warhawk had established gameplay that could incorporate both close quarters and large-scale combat. It had provided quick access to the battlefield with its vehicular gameplay with fighter planes, tanks, jeeps, and later dropships, APCs, and jetpacks in downloadable content. The controls took some time to get acquainted with, but the biggest hurdle with the game was competing against others; a fight between a new player and a veteran would end ugly quickly.

Starhawk looks to refine the ground gameplay in weapon usage, provide a larger arsenal of vehicles, and with the implementation of the Build and Battle system, provide a large amount of freedom to players to create the battlefield as they want to see it.

I hope to provide a way to get up to speed with the gameplay mechanics on Starhawk in our clan's site, no strings attached. For those involved in Warhawk, the infantry fights are going to be radically different; piloting a Hawk is quite different as well. For those not involved with Warhawk whatsoever, well, Starhawk is a third person shooter with an over-the-shoulder camera set in the distant future that will involve a lot of teamwork to succeed in multiplayer. In any case, we have investigated some tricks that you may or may not have noticed, so if you think you are an expert on Starhawk already, you may want to click ahead and find some surprises.

The Guides:
  1. The Spawn System
  2. Infantry Controls
  3. Infantry Weapons
  4. Supply pickups
  5. Combat Medals
  6. Environments
  7. Skills system
  8. The Build and Battle System
  9. The Razorback
  10. The Vulture Jetpack
  11. The Hawk
  12. The Sidewinder Jetbike
  13. The Ox Heavy Tank
  14. Trophies
  15. Campaign

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