Rebel Alliance Clan

Platform: PlayStation 4 - Release Date: Nov. 15, 2013

Helghast on Patrol

About thirty years after the start of the Second Extrasolar War, the planet of Vekta has been rebuilt. The planet isn't at peace, as the Vektan leaders were coerced into accepting the remaining Helghan population after the actions the ISA took against their planet. As the agreement came to divide Vekta City to accept the Helghan refugees, the populations continued to scheme against each other.

As Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan under the Vekta Security Agency, players are sent on spy game assignments meant to keep a Helghan insurrection from occurring. However, the Helghan have their own operative, Echo, who hopes to do everything in her power to bring the Helghan population to order.

Gunfight at VSA Headquarters

As the game was introduced at the Playstation 4 announcement, it was revealed that the game would be released on PS4's launch day, November 15th, 2013. As Guerrilla hopes to quickly take advantage of the hardware, the game promises even more stunning visuals than before, toting increased detail, improved lighting systems, and larger areas to fight through.

Gameplay-wise, Kellan will be expected to traverse Vekta City in new ways. The Shadow Marshal will be able to perform vertical scaling and melee takedowns predecessors were unable to. Kellan also has access to top-of-the-line weaponry in the VSA's new SMG, the LSR44 (which also has a secondary pulse fire that allows it to serve as a mid-range sniping solution,) adrenaline packs to slow time down to react quicker to threats, and is also packing the OWL- a personal drone able to assist Kellan through either providing shielding, a rope slide, a second gun on the field, or as a shock weapon to stun enemies and disable electronics within the blast.

Multiplayer - Rekindle the Conflict

As if the series wouldn't include multiplayer again! Guerrilla revealed that it will allow for more customization in servers and player abilities than what had been possible in previous titles. While hosts will be able to create their own Warzones with intricate rules, the development team will highlight server setups the community has created. So far, post-release content has included three FREE maps, as well as paid content in 'vintage weapons,' taunts known as Spotlight Moves, Turret / Air Support Drone / other bot paint customization, character voice packs, the Insurgent Class, and other content yet to be announced. A season pass is available for players to catch most premium content in the new weapons, the Insurgent Class, some customizations, and other goods that will be announced in the near future.

Black Hand Insurgent

For the individual looking to get onto the Warzone, there are three classes with unique abilities and 22 weapons immediately available to pick and choose from; for those who picked up the Insurgent pack, you have a fourth class that allows players to hack enemy bots and field items like Spawn Beacons and Shields and steal abilities from downed enemy players, in addition to the three 'vintage' weapons used in previous Killzone titles and one new ability for each of the three original classes. As for progression, there are 2277 challenges for players to tackle, rather than the XP progression system implemented by most games over the past ten years.

For Warzone to evolve in this title, Guerrilla has changed the amount of modes available for play. Modes like Team Deathmatch (obviously,) Search and Destroy, Capture and Hold, and Beacon Retrieval (formerly known as Search and Retrieve,) have returned. Four new modes include Capture and Move (which is similar to King of the Hill in Uncharted 3,) Capture and Connect, Beacon Safeguard, and Beacon Theft (which is similar to Capture the Flag.) It has been recently announced that Assassination will eventually be making a comeback in Shadow Fall!

Intercept Co-op

Intercept - Four Player Cooperative Missions!

For those who enjoy cooperative modes designed for a few buddies to take on waves of enemy AI, Intercept will be available in June. The story to the expansion is this: you are a part of a VSA Intelligence Squad, regularly deployed into the New Helghan territory to intercept and relay Helghast military transmissions. The job details are fairly simple- make your way to the target, set up the equipment, and protect it long enough for the data to be intercepted. The Helghast will be calling upon their own grizzled veterans if your squad is dominating the landscape, so be prepared for the tactics to change!

So as part of the Vektan Intelligence, your squadmates pick separate classes to get the job done. The Assault loadout is very similar from the Multiplayer counterpart with the exception of throwing out Health Packs. The Marksman also resembles his counterpart from Multiplayer, the Scout, with the exception of having Speed Dash and a modified LS70 that uses explosive rounds to take out multiple enemies with one shot. The Medic returns from previous titles with the ability to revive dying teammates, restock munitions with two supply boxes, and deploy the Medi-Drone. Last but not least is the Tactician, who manages the defensive strategy with Nano Shields and Turrets. Squads that can bank on successful defensive stances can earn bonuses like artillery strikes and jetpacks. Over all, the plan is to start Intercept with four levels in Helghan territory, with additional levels in the coming months.